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David Lipsky on DFW 13th Dec

Update: Video from the event Part 1  and Part 2.
David Lipsky will be speaking about David Foster Wallace at The Center for Fiction in Manhattan at 7pm on the 13th of December, sounds like it is going to be a good night.
(Thanks to everyone who got in touch, somehow I missed this one!) 
And somewhat related, here's a fantastic (and really insightful) review of Lipsky's Although of Course You End  Up Becoming Yourself by Tim Personn, The Dave Show:
AOCYEUBY makes a similar focus possible by a peculiar doubling of its author across time and space. The book showcases two different Lipskys: one version of the man in 1996, on the road with Wallace, and an older Lipsky in 2008, sitting at home, listening to the recordings made a decade before. Sometimes this older Lipsky mutters something [intrusions that, in the text, are set in brackets] and, like a commentary track on The Dave Show, you hear his remarks against the backdrop of Wallace’s soft Midwestern speech: less bubbly, less ebullient, but also warm and observant. Lipsky 2008 is, above all, a good reader of character. His mind is anything but dulled by the tragic events of the preceding weeks. To the contrary, it is acute and, like any engaged reader’s, empathetic. He is like you, humbled by the reality of loss, and trying to figure this man out – to intuit the big something that seemed to be missing from all previous writing on David Foster Wallace.

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