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MTV Movie news on the BIWHM Movie

MTV movie news today provides some more info about the Brief Interviews with Hideous Men movie, including further details about the plot and the suggestion that David Foster Wallace has read, and was impressed by, the script.
Quoting at length from MTV Movie news article in quesiton

"We all know that "The Office" star John Krasinski spends enough time looking at the camera, so it's refreshing that he's decided to step behind it for a change. "John did a really interesting thing with the adaptation," actor Timothy Hutton said this week of "Brief Interviews With Hideous Men", a movie written and directed by Krasinski and based on the bestselling book by David Foster Wallace. "It's his favorite book. Foster Wallace read the script and thought what John did was amazing, and said to John, 'You solved the puzzle.' " The trick, Hutton said, was finding a through-line. "The ongoing story is between a professor and Julianne Nicholson, his teacher's assistant, and interspersed throughout the movie are these interviews she's doing," Hutton said of the flick, in which he stars as the professor alongside Mila Kunis and Lou Taylor Pucci. "She goes through this process, and she starts to question her own life, her own relationships. And then she reports back to me. And at some point, without her really asking, I start to talk to her about my relationship with my wife. It starts off as kind of an examination of how women feel about men, and how men really feel about women. And then it starts to be more about men and their feelings about and fears about their relationships with women, whether it's their mother, their wife, their sister, or their co-worker." Hutton is at Sundance promoting his drama "The Last Mimzy"; "Interviews" and "Mimzy" are both due in theaters later this year. ... "


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