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Consider David Foster Wallace: A Conference

Another conference! This one is in the UK. David Hering based at the University of Liverpool has got in touch with details. Greg Carlisle (author of the excellent IJ resource Elegant Complexity) is a confirmed keynote speaker.
From David:

The passing of the writer David Foster Wallace in September 2008 presents not only a tragic and significant loss to the literary world, but also an important opportunity to consider the impact and magnitude of the remarkable body of work he leaves us. From the irreverency and piercing social commentary of his journalism in A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again and Consider The Lobster to the monumental, sprawling majesty of his gargantuan novel Infinite Jest, Wallace's writing is increasingly considered to be one of the most significant literary canons of the second half of the twentieth century.

On 29-30th July, The University Of Liverpool is hosting an international conference devoted to discussion and scholarly appraisal of Wallace's work. Papers of 20 minutes duration are welcome on any aspect of Wallace's fiction or non-fiction. Depending on response, there may also be places available for non-scholars who wish to attend the conference (although it is likely at this stage that only scholars will be permitted to give papers).

Confirmed Keynote Speaker:

Greg Carlisle (Morehead State University, Kentucky) – Greg Carlisle is the author of Elegant Complexity , the most extensive and detailed published study of Wallace's novel Infinite Jest available.

Abstracts of approx. 250 words and any enquiries about the conference should be sent to David Hering at the University of Liverpool at the following email address: D.Hering (at)  (replace the at with @ and remove the surrounding spaces) by Friday 22nd May 2009.

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