The Howling Fantods

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Footnotes 2

10:10 AM – 11:10 AM—Panel Two: “Filmic Entertainments”

Moderator: Carrie Shanafelt, CUNY-Graduate Center

Alison Wielgus, University of Iowa

“From the Abyss: James O. Incandenza and the Films of Infinite Jest”
I found this theoretically challenging at first (mostly due to unfamiliarity), but it was very interesting, particularly when Alison talked more about J.O Incandenza's prescence in IJ as mediated by film and the difficulty of describing film semiotics using language.
Rodney Taveira, University of Sydney

“In the Face of David Foster Wallace”
Australian speaker (good on you, Rodney). A wildly entertaining paper. Rodney develops a parallel between the cop (with a hard core porn addction) who is searching for the 'orgasm face' in  Big Red Son and Wallace's quest in listerature to engage and strip back and be really real. Wonderful 'montage' of the use of face in Wallace's writing.
David Hering, University of Liverpool

 “Dreams Within Dreams: Wallace, Lynch, Oblivion”

Lynchian geek out. David presented the parallels in Wallace's and Lynch's narrative stategies through Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, and Inland Empire. Spectacular!
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The Howling Fantods