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More Pre-Conference Stuff

So I'm running with the email subject Tony sent me. More Pre-Conference Stuff, over to Tony:

Paris, September 9 2014.

The 'Australian Contingent' (Mitch Cunningham from Deakin and Tony McMahon from RMIT, aided and abetted by Matilda Knowles and Priscilla Davies) got together today to scope out just what was going on with the Infinite Wallace Conference. The idea was to formulate our plans for the Land Down Under becoming the new hot spot for Wallace scholarship.

The first thing we thought we'd do is just have a good look at where we'd be speaking:

Pretty unimpressive huh?

Not sure we could work in such shabby environs, we decided to wander down the Rue to what appeared to be a philosophy shop:

Then it was back to the section of The Sorbonne where the conference is being held. The posters are up, it's actually happening. No Mitch, no Tony, it wasn't a dream, you really do have to deliver your papers at the conference.

So we thought the thing to do then would be to get a good look at the inside of the room.

And effect our best Wallace scholar poses...

(I had nothing to do with this photo and I love it - Nick)



The Howling Fantods