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Notes from the DFW Symposium

Over at The Millions, A-J Aronstein's experience of the DFW Symposium, Out of Reach: Notes from the David Foster Wallace Symposium.

There's some good in this, the second half particularly, but some of the earlier comments frustrated me:

I think I expected to vindicate my own normal-seeming degree of Wallace fandom by exposing myself to the extremist sect of his readers — folks who wear Enfield Tennis Academy t-shirts (ETA being the fictional setting of Infinite Jest), or who are apparently in the process of trying to memorize the entirety of that 1,000-page novel (endnotes and all), or who participate regularly in the longstanding Wallace email listserv (1,200 strong, according to its creator and moderator Matt Bucher), and have ready responses to questions like “How do you characterize the influence of Lacan on Broom of the System?”

I also troubled by the inaccuracies - see JT's response in the article's comments sections.

Regardless, it's worth checking out.


The Howling Fantods