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Home Choire Sicha and Seth Colter Walls

Choire Sicha (one of the editors of The Awl) and Seth Colter Walls (check out his DFW piece and the images in Newsweek if you haven't already) spend the first 15 minutes of this episode of discussing Seth's time at The Harry Ransom Centre's David Foster Wallace archive.
They cram heaps of stuff into the early part of the conversation, but the best bits include Seth talking about David Foster Wallace's 'creative non-fiction' syllabus (including a definition of creative non-fiction by DFW), extended versions of his non-fiction, and previously unknown David Foster Wallace stories. 'The Enema Bandit and the Cosmic Buzzer' (in container 27.9) which Seth reminds us is a title from The Broom of the System and discussed by characters as bad undergraduate fiction... and 'The Piano in the Pantechnicon' (from The Allegheny Review in 1984). 
Seth also mentions the possibility of an official publication of uncollected David Foster Wallace material (which I'd heard about in passing, so it's great to be able to mention it!).
[Thanks, Aryeh]
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#1 Nikki 2010-11-27 18:15
This last bit.. now this would be awesome, should it actually come to pass.
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