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The Ezboard Hack of 2005

The third of a few posts celebrating 20 years of The Howling Fantods.

By the end of 2000 I had set up a message board system for readers using the free ezboard system. I think I even paid for them to have a few more features... and then in 2005 ezboard, and all the forums that went with it, were hacked and lost (Bulletin Board Hoster Loses Postings in Hacker Attack). I was shattered. So were many of the regular contributors.

At the time they were unrecoverable and I decided I'd never host anything like that myself again.

But as it turns out, The Internet Archive was scraping the pages all along. A few years ago I found bits and pieces. Earlier this year I had another look and it appeared more content was available.

They're not perfect, many threads weren't scraped, but you can browse the titles, and view some of the discussions. For some of us there are some amazing memories buried in here.


The Old David Foster Wallace Forums

(You'll find if you jump to different snapshots in The Wayback Machine interface you can access different content.)

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