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1996 Review of Infinite Jest vs 2006 Foreword

Have you read the foreword to the 2006 edition of Infinite Jest by Dave Eggers? It's a little different to the opinions he shared in his review of Infinite Jest on release...

Edward Champion's over at Edrants explores this in his piece, The Infinite Jest Review That Dave Eggers Doesn’t Want You To Read:

In 2006, Little Brown published a 10th anniversary edition of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest that featured a foreword by Dave Eggers. Eggers’s introduction observed that Infinite Jest was “1,067 pages long and there is not one lazy sentence. The book is drum-tight and relentlessly smart and, though it does not wear its heart on its sleeve, its deeply felt and incredibly moving.” There was one significant problem with this assessment. It did not match, much less acknowledge, a review that Eggers had written for The San Francisco Chronicle on February 11, 1996, which claimed just the opposite:

Besides frequently losing itself in superfluous and wildly tangential flights of lexical diarrhea, the book suffers under the sheer burden of its incredible length.


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People are allowed to change their opinions, right? But I guess acknowledging you held a differing opinion in the past is important too...

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