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Developing the New Infinite Jest Cover

Catching up on news while I was away...

(Joe Walsh - early cover design)

In, Infinite Jest 20th Anniversary Cover, Joe Walsh describes the process behind designing his winning entry for the Infinite Jest Cover competition (previously) and what changed from his submission to the final design. My favourite is the black background with the glowing television. An interesting read. Congrats, Joe!

I played around with all of that, and created many “final” covers before deciding on my final image. Many of them were compelling images, but didn’t translate into a striking book cover. I decided that for me, the most central theme in the book had to do with what we are looking for when we look towards entertainment. What is it about entertainment that draws us in, even though we know on some level that most of it is created by people who really only care about your money.

These images are a look into my process for the final cover.

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