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1987 Arrival Magazine David Foster Wallace Interview

Another old interview with David Foster Wallace has surfaced on the web [Previously, Full Text of 2006 Russian DFW Interview]. This one, by Bill Katovsky, is from the April 1987 issue of Arrival and can be found over at McSweeney's - David Foster Wallace: A Profile:
“I’m not interested in fiction that’s only worried about capturing reality in an artful way. What pisses me off about so much fiction these days is that it’s just boring, especially the young fiction coming out of the East Coast that’s designed to appeal to the stereotypical yuppies, with an emphasis on fashion, celebrities, and materialism.”
He pauses, realizing he’s been lecturing. “Uh,” he adds with a self-deprecating shrug, “what do I know?” After all, these are just the opinions of a 25-year-old. “I don’t claim to have any special insights into anything that’s going on.” I’m looking for a trace of sham, of disingenuousness, in his voice, but it’s nowhere to be found.

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