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New DFW Short - All That

A new piece of short fiction by DFW has appeared in the New Yorker, read it online: All That.
(I wonder if this is another excerpt from It is an excerpt from The Pale King (Current confirmed release April 2011). Just about to sit down and read it.) 
It certainly is interesting to read all these excerpts first this time around. It was only after reading Infinite Jest that I started visiting libraries to track down all the publications with IJ excerpts.
I liked this new excerpt... quite a bit I think. I read it much more closely, and slowly, than I've read anything recently. The voice is different, markedly so, and totally believable.
It made me recall the kinds of games I used to play, when very young, where I had convinced myself of the existence of Smurfs living in my backyard. I was convinced that they only revealed themselves when I wasn't there, and I spent hours constructing elaborate traps to catch them (with no care for Smurf rights or subsequent cruelty).
UPDATES: I can confirm that it is indeed an excerpt from The Pale King and that the current release date is April 2011. I'm glad they're not rushing it (Thanks, Bonnie).
artisticsnorkel, I've asked about the new TPK release date of April 2011 mentioned over at GalleyCat, I'll let you know confirmed,see above.
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#1 redsock 2009-12-07 21:18
I bought TNY last week because there was stuff from Roger Angell and DeLillo. When I told my partner I had bought it, she asked if there was something DFW-related in it. And now the very next issue ...
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#2 artisticsnorkel 2009-12-08 04:44
Jason Boog over at Galleycat cites April 2011 as a release date for The Pale King. Can this be confirmed?
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#3 sheth 2009-12-09 12:44
What a wonderful Christmas gift to us all this story is! Anybody have a similar "reverence" that i have for the way DFW's life/work has had a magical influence on their lives? As creepy as this sounds i think his decision to do away with the great and terrible armies within happened on 9/12. The story at the end of this story seems to support this growing feeling i have about his potential overall intentions.
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#4 sheth 2009-12-10 10:58
i meant to say "happened on 9/12 for a reason". And i thought the Delillo story from the previous New Yorker powerful as well. Ironically Mr Delillo seems to be pushing the reader out into the "real" world as well.
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