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Sonora Review Delivered

My copy of the Sonora Review double issue 55/56 with the DFW tribute section arrived today (handed to me at my door on a Saturday morning, somewhat of a surprise!). So if there are any other Australians who ordered a copy... expect it soon.
It is a beautifully produced issue, and I've only just started to dig into the DFW section. The highlight so far is Greg Carlisle's (author of Elegant Complexity, and back in stock over at Amazon) essay Wallace's Infinite Fiction. A seriously amazing analysis of DFW's fiction with a focus on Infinite Jest 'as analogous to mathematical functions whose limits involve infinity.' Greg has done it again, this is yet another important contribution to the body of IJ criticism and is pivotal when considering the narrative structure of the novel. If you are at all interested in the complexities of IJ this is one not to miss.
I haven't even got to the uncollected DFW short Solomon Silverfish yet. I have not read it for a number of years, and I'm saving it for when I can read it in a sitting without disruption.
A big hello and thanks to Michael Sheehan for putting it all together and for the humbling shout out in his introduction.
Last Updated on Saturday, 13 June 2009 21:45