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The Great Concavity - Eps 18 & 19

Two more fantastic episodes have dropped since my last update:


Episode 18's guest on The Great Concavity is Sean Pratt (@SPPresents) the narrator of the 56-hour-long audiobook of Infinite Jest. It's an absolutely engrossing conversation about the recording of the audiobook and many other things. And yes, I did say I couldn't recommend the audiobook without endnotes. And yep, I understand there were technological issues at the time. And, yes, I think Sean makes a good case for why the end notes were not originally recorded and a .pdf was included (but as a podcast and audiobook listener while cycling or driving the reading pdf option seemed flawed), and, like mentioned in the podcast, I still wonder why each end note isn't a skippable track so the listener can decide to skip them if they wish...

But you know what? In all my negativity I never actually acknowledged how much hard work went in to making it, and I NEVER gave Sean credit for the incredible job he did narrating the novel.

Thank you, Sean.

(I think a little more credit than is due was sent my way too... but that's another story.)


Episode 19 has two guests, Rachel Laird & Amy Pelletier, who speak with Dave about reading Infinite Jest for the first time. I know I'm not the only one who pulled one of my copies of Infinite Jest back off the shelf after listening to this episode...

(Follow the show on twitter @ConcavityShow and subscribe to the podcast here)


The podcast is hosted by Dave Laird (@DaveLaird2) and Matt Bucher (@mattbucher,wallace-l,, Simple RangerSide Show Media Group) two Wallace enthusiasts with a wealth of Wallace knowledge to share.

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