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Pale Summer Begins - Week 1

Need/want an excuse to read/re-read The Pale King?

Wallace-l, the David Foster Wallace mailing list, is undertaking an 8 week read of The Pale King and it kicks off today(-ish).

If you would like to join in on the conversation (or lurk and read what often ends up to be heaps of insightful and thoughtful discussion) and you're not already subscribed to Wallace-l... join now! (If you get a security certificate error following the link, ignore it. I can assure you there is not a security issue with the sign-up page. The rest will be via email).

Pale Summer Schedule:

July 14: Sections 1-9, pp. 3-85
July  21: Sections 10-21, pp. 86-153 [67 pages]
July 28: Section 22, pp. 154-252 [98 pages]
August 4: Sections 23-26, pp. 253-316 [63 pages]
August 11: Sections 27-34, pp. 317-386 [69 pages]
August 18: Sections 35-45, pp. 387-443 [56 pages]
August 25: Sections 46-47, pp. 444-516 [72 pages]
September 1: Sections 48-50 plus, pp. 516-575 (end) [59 pages]

There are pagination differences between the hardback and paper editions of The Pale King but it shouldn't be too much of an issue (except for the addition material added to the paperback...).

Just like during other group reads Paul Debraski is blogging his progress over at I Just Read About That... I encourage you to keep an eye over there as well. He always has interesting things to say (and he's covered so much Wallace).


If you're blogging your read let me know so I can put together a list. Is there a hash tag? #palesummer14?


The Howling Fantods