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Infinite Wallace 2014 - DFW Reader

Tony and Ariane managed to get some pics of the promotional sampler for The David Foster Wallace Reader (due in November) while at the Infinite Wallace Paris Conference.

Most interesting are the full contents (I know the sampler has been floating around for a couple of months now so this may not be news to all of you):

Additional contributions (introductions and afterwords) from:

  • The David Foster Wallace Literary Trust
  • Kevin Dettmar
  • Gerry Howard
  • Hari Kunzru
  • Nam Le
  • Nick Maniatis
  • Deboarah Treisman
  • Sally Foster Wallace
  • Mark Costello
  • David Ulin
  • Anne Fadiman
  • Jo Ann Beard
  • Sven Birkirts

The David Foster Wallace Reader

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