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News Galore - and a New/Old DFW Interview

(Welcome readers. Cheers for the link, Jason!)
Sonora Review DFW Tribute - Double Issue:
Do not miss getting your hands on the Sonoroa review double issue and DFW tribute. It looks like it is going to be fantastic, particularly when you look at the list of contributors!
You can let them know if you'd like a copy and find more exciting info here: Sonora Review: The Blog
24 page DFW Tribute in Modernism/modernity:
Modernism/modernity - Volume 16, Number 1, January 2009 , has what I understand to be a wonderful tribute to DFW from Steven Moore,Dave Eggers, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Marshall Boswell, Michael North, Stephen J. Burn and Brendan Beirne.
Tim Ware's Infinite Jest Wiki:
Tim has finally developed his list of IJ characters that has been floating around for ages into a full blown Infinite Jest wiki and it is awesome. I am still sad that the wiki we started here got destroyed in a hosting issue before it went live. Some of the contributors added some great stuff before it all got corrupted... more incentive to make Tim's even better.
...and finally...
An amazing new/old DFW interview from 1993!
The story begins in Jan this year when a reader (thanks, Jordan!) discovered an interview with DFW in the Whiskey Island Magazine 1993 Spring Issue.
The interview is a rare, honest, and very candid gem. Wait until you see how DFW responds to a question about 'what he is trying to do' with his writing. I wish I'd read this years ago.
I managed to get in touch with the current editor and gained permission to post the scans of the interview (Thanks, Megan!) as long as we acknowledge the authors and link back to the Whiskey Island Magazine website. Easy:
The Whiskey Island Magazine interview was conducted by Hugh Kennedy and Geoffrey Polk and printed in the Spring 1993 edition of the Whiskey Island Magazine. It is made available with the magazine's permission.

Visit Whiskey Island Magazine here:
Update: New Format
Download the .pdf here: 1993 Whiskey Island Magazine DFW Interview. (Approx 12mb .zip of .jpg scans)
(BTW: I'm a pdf noob. If anyone knows how to OCR and pdf format these I'd love to know)
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