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Uncollected DFW Fiction Dec 2013

Well it's finally on the way. The Uncollected David Foster Wallace Fiction is due on Dec 1st 2013 in hardcover (Euro paperback 16th Jan 2014?). 432  pages and plenty of uncollected fiction out there to appear in it.

Matt Bucher (as always - follow him @mattbucher) has been on the ball tweeting about possible pieces sitting in the DFW archive that might be included such as 'The Planet Trillaphon as It Stands in Relation to the Bad Thing', 'The Piano in the Pantechnicon' and maybe even, 'The Enema Bandit and the Cosmic Buzzer' (the last also described by some as 'juvenalia' so possibly not... I've no idea yet - I'm just guessing).

I assume 'All That' (a section that didn't make it into The Pale King but is still an excellent stand alone piece) will make it in, and I'm interested to know if there are any other polished excerpts from The Pale King papers that might work as stand alone fiction too...


Update 24/5/13:

Hmm. Not sure now. Page gone on the Hachette site. Waiting on an update.

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