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Brief Interviews more Reviews and Articles

More interviews, reviews and articles about the BIWHM movie:
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#1 seafar 2009-01-26 06:25
I saw BRIEF INTERVIEWS at Sundance. As a fan of both DFW, and this site, thought I'd add a quick opinion on the film....I've never seen the U.S. version of The Office, but Krasinski doesn't have the chops as either a filmmaker, nor an actor, for this kind of material. Not yet anyway. The film simply doesn't find a way to intersect formally/structurally with the source material. And I really wanted it to be good, great even. What was interesting to me was how much difficultly the actors had with the monologues (most of the performances just didn't find that sweet spot). Interesting because DFW's writing reads so spot-on re: vernacular, slang, colloquial syntax....yet, apparently, its hard to act. A caution for future adaptations. There are some good moments, and its not a disaster, but just doesn't cohere.
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