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On The Road to DFW 2015

Hi everyone!

DFW 2015, the second annual David Foster Wallace conference begins today!

Follow the official Twitter account @DFW2015 for updates, and tag your own contributions with #DFW2015 (There's no way I'll be awake all night, so make sure you give all of us on the other side of the planet something to read in the morning.)

Feel free to broadcast live via Periscope while you're wandering around and tag your stream with #DFW2015. I'm hoping at least one session on Friday will be live via Periscope...

Check out the Facebook page for details, including the final schedule. It's going to be a huge couple of days, including a screening of The End of the Tour (Sundance roundup here) tonight.

Now over to guest blogger Tony McMahon (did you sign up for twitter, Tony?)



-Tony McMahon

Hello again Fantods readers,

Some of you may remember me from my blogs here from the Infinite Wallace conference in Paris last September. For better or worse – or perhaps just because of a severe lack of good judgement – Nick has asked me to keep you updated again on DFW15, the second annual David Foster Wallace conference, held in our fave writer’s hometown of Normal, Illinois.

For reasons largely tied up with Jack Kerouac’s On the Road being my favourite book as a teenager, I made the decision to drive to Normal when I arrived from Australia in Los Angeles. Big. Mistake. We’re talking Melbourne to Perth here, with the treacherous and knuckle-whitening Rocky Mountains in between, all of which I’ve somehow managed to make happen in three days. To say I’m frazzled is something of  an understatement up there with ‘Infinite Jest is a pretty long book’.

-Leaving Las Vegas. Plenty of fear, just the regular amount of loathing, but thankfully no bats in the sky

-The Utah Bad Lands, on the way to DFW15

Nonetheless, I’m in Normal now, comfortably settled and showered and ready to be THE VERY FIRST PRESENTER AT THE CONFERENCE TOMORROW. The bad news (for me) is that this makes me more nervous than a bucket of butcher’s knives. The good news (for this website) is that I’ll be able to give the rest of the conference my full, unworried attention, and report back. Stay tuned.

-Arriving in Wallace’s Illinois, as seen from a Chevy convertible, accompanied by Allard Den Dulk’s amazing new book

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