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James Wood on DFW at Daily Snowman

Avi, over at the Daily Snowman, has posted a great little summary of the James Wood on DFW evening at 92Y. Sounds like it was a top evening.
This was a wholly worthwhile experience mostly because Wood is an incredibly astute reader. This should come as no surprise to people familiar with his writing, but part of the joy of the talk was to hear how a great reader approaches some really good fiction. And Wood, in fact, started off the talk by reading several passages of exceptional writing, including such gems as "Whereas but your basic smoothie" (p. 31) and "Trim and good and good legs--she'd had a kid but wasn't all blown out and veiny and sagged" (p. 27). Wood referred to these examples of speech--repellent and  horrible as they are--as the locals pleasures of the book, noting that there is a good American tradition of capturing speech and consciousness.
(Glad you managed to get tickets, Avi. Thanks for the summary!)
I'm aware of a few more reports that will appear here, and elsewhere, over the next few days.