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The DFW Society

It is with great excitement that I can now announce DFW Society - The International David Foster Wallace Society along with The Journal of David Foster Wallace Studies.

Mission Statement

The International David Foster Wallace Society was founded to promote and sustain the long-term scholarly and independent study of David Foster Wallace’s writing. To these ends, the Society welcomes diverse, peer-reviewed scholarship and seeks to expand the critical boundaries of Wallace studies. We recognize and champion the visual, the alternative, and the literary: the presence of minds at work. The Society showcases a variety of projects—at conferences, on panels, in our print publication, The Journal of David Foster Wallace Studies, and through other non-traditional modes of scholarly expression.


A fantastic group of people working on this project behind the scenes. Check out the Team and the check out the Journal Editorial Team! Yes a yearly peer reviewed journal!

It is a subscription model, fair prices I think (but yes, I'm in the team so take that into account)... anyone going patron level?

Follow on twitter too @DFWSociety


These are exciting times!


But the biggest thank you of all goes to Matt Bucher for pulling this all together. And for being the President we all admire.




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