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Fell Silent?

I'm not sure where Rita Booke has been hanging out online since David Foster Wallace died, but I think we've been far from silent. I totally agree with Matt Bucher (wallace-l mailing list admin) over at his twitter feed today, 'Rita, no one "fell silent."'
Message boards and email lists devoted to David Foster Wallace, who became a literary it-boy with the publication of “Infinite Jest” in 1996, fell silent with his suicide in 2008 after an paralyzing bout of depression.
Rita's article, INFINITE MESS: David Foster Wallace’s Archive, is actually a brief little overview of the DFW Texas archive news of late and worth a look for its personal final paragraph.
We just haven't been silent!
(Don't forget about the competition, you can win copies of David Lipsky's upcoming book - some great entries so far.)
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#1 bobinternet 2010-03-30 10:58
Or in other words, "I (we) am (are) in here".
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#2 Noelia 2010-03-31 00:22
I would say it's quite the opposite. A lot of people became aware of the existence of David Foster Wallace and his work precisely after he died. I wonder what on earth made this nice lady write that.
Oh, by the way, should I submit my little Wallace on the move story and risk making a complete fool of myself? I've been agonizing over it for the last couple of days. Damn!
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