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Reading Wallace Reading - The Smart Set

I heard good things about this paper after Mike Miley presented it at the DFW conference earlier this year. I wasn't there so I'm glad he's got this up online. It is fantastic. Do not hesitate to read this.

ViaThe Smart Set - Mike Miley's, Reading Wallace Reading:

I have David Foster Wallace’s personal copy of Don DeLillo’s novel End Zone. It is in my hands. It used to be his, and now it’s mine, albeit temporarily and under careful supervision by credentialed professionals. It is teeth-chatteringly cold in this room and brain-fryingly hot on the street because it’s July in Austin. People are baking cookies on their dashboards, and they’re delicious. It will not rain until September.

I am relaying this information to you from the Reading Room of The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin, which in addition to housing the most powerful air conditioner in North America, houses pretty much every literary archive that you could dream of having access to, including the David Foster Wallace Archive, which, along with Wallace’s manuscripts and correspondence, has about 300 books from his personal library, 250 of which contain copious annotations in Wallace’s miniscule handwriting. I am actually being paid, or, more accurately, subsidized, to read his annotations.


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[Thanks, Mike]

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#1 MeridianMan 2014-08-24 03:48
Dear Mike:

In the second paragraph of your article "Reading Wallace Reading," you write " . . . Wallace’s miniscule handwriting."

A common mistake, "miniscule" should be written "minuscule," meaning tiny, diminutive, or microscopic.
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