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Five Dials DFW Issue Due Soon

I woke this morning to an email from the Five Dials team letting me know that the new Five Dials issue is up for download and that the David Foster Wallace Tribute issue is due very soon. You will need to subscribe to their mailing list to receive the special DFW issue.
Here's the email:
Here it is: our fiction issue has arrived to brighten your first day back at work now that the woeful comedown of early January has begun. The issue contains new work by James Kelman, Helen Oyeyemi, David Vann, as well as contributions from some up-and-comers like Philip Roth and Rainer Maria Rilke. There's also a list of DJ names, in case your New Year's resolution is to become a DJ.

You can download Five Dials 9 for free at:

As we like to overload our friends with gifts for New Year’s, you will also be receiving an email in the next few days to let you know where you can download our special issue on David Foster Wallace, featuring writing by Don DeLillo, Jonathan Franzen, Zadie Smith and others. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sign in, or give us your mobile number, or type in a code word. If you know any David Foster Wallace fans who would like to receive a link to the issue please tell them to subscribe to the magazine. It’s free.

Questions or comments? Get in touch using this address:

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