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1. . 2016
(News/DFW Remembrance)
2. DT Max On David Foster Wallace - 2015
(News/Critical Analysis)
... upon for me to summarise, but the whole thing is worth watching and/or listening to. Wright asks some very searching questions and directs the conversation from D Max's biography, to 'This is Water', Infinite ...
3. Translating DFW Into French
(News/General Updates)
... n to attend the conference, told me for instance that the Swedish translation of This is Water had erased many American references as well as many hints that the text wa ...
Co.Design - Flowchart: David Foster Wallace On How To Live A Compassionate Life This is Water  ...
... An Essay on Free Will. Durantaye's essay, 'The Subsurface Unity of All Things, or David Foster Wallace's Free Will', considers the parallels between ideas in Wallace's fatalism thesis and his This Is Water ...
8. Available Now - DFW: In His Own Words
...  WITH HIDEOUS MEN and CONSIDER THE LOBSTER recorded in the studio; and the unforgettable "This Is Water," his 2005 commencement address given at Kenyon College. Also included are two interviews an ...
9. The Glossary's This is Water
(News/This is Water)
Latest update 22/5/13: (See below) An excerpt from David Foster Wallace's Kenyon Commencement Speech, This is Water, from The Glossary. I'm not a huge fan of the ongoing music... detracts from it somewhat. ...
10. The Everlasting Kenyon Speech
(News/This is Water)
... That wasn't the version at large on the Internet, though. The most widespread version, until the publication of This Is Water , was Thompson's. Thompson had recorded Wallace's delivery of the speech ...
11. Viz. Wallace Related Articles Week
(News/General Updates)
... Tapping, Jacking, Hiding, Faking .. and more!" The Pale King (2/4/12) "This is Water"-- Remediating David Foster Wallace's Kenyon Commencement Speech. This is Water (3/4/12) Play Ball. (4/4/12) The ...
12. The IJ Liveblog - New Posts
(News/Infinite Jest)
There are a few new posts over at Words, Words, Words, the ongoing Liveblog of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest (Spoiler warning if you haven't read Infinite Jest):   This is Water ...
... pace of his presentation fit quite well with its topics of concentration, meaningfulness and freedom in Wallace’s writings—from “Forever Overhead” to “This is Water,” ...
Parts four and five of  Samantha Pitchel's series of David Foster Wallace Examinations have been posted at Culture Map Austin.   Part 4: This is Water: The Ransom Center welcomes waves of ...
15. Wheeler Centre Wallace Event Report
(News/The Pale King)
... Wallace’s Kenyon commencement speech available online, This is Water, in its entirety. It’s a piece written for reading and we all lapped it up. I haven’t grown sick of hearing this, ...
16. Divine Drudgery - Inspired Devotion
(News/The Pale King)
... to a page, as This Is Water)—purport to be valuable as not literary works but as statements of humane leadership: Here is the collegiate Wallace, breaking past a crushing intellectual system to champion ...
Leland de la Durantaye's, How to Be Happy: The Ethics of David Foster Wallace, is an extensive essay over at The Boston Review considering This is Water and Fate, Time and Language. Well worth checking ...
18. Dead Author Breeds Big Business?
(News/The Pale King)
... that became This Is Water becomes copyrighted and available for $14.99 by the checkout desk of the local bookstore. "Clearly, anything else published under his name will be just scraping money out ...
... Kicks, questions whether the thesis is actually ground-breaking. Biblioklept Review, "this is not the naked commercialism that motivated a gimmicky edition This Is Water; rather, this is a ...
20. The Pale King Cover
(News/The Pale King)
... Little, Brown and Company is the publisher of many of David Foster Wallace’s books, including Infinite Jest, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, Consider the Lobster, Oblivion, This is Water, and ...
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