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The closest I can get to DFW14 is here at my pc monitoring twitter and social media...

I hope #DFW14 twitter sees a little more activity before I fall asleep. 1:37am here.

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#1 Chris...r Michaelson 2014-05-25 00:06
On the tarmac at little BMI airport, beginning the journey home from an excellent conference, full of great writers, scholars, friends, and colleagues of DFW. Maybe the most moving moment was when a friend of DFW stood up during lunch to praise D.T. Max for the journalistic acumen required to produce "Every Love Story is a Ghost Story." I took the comment to suggest that knowing DFW too well might have changed the story -- not for better, worse, right, or wrong, but rather different in a way that might not have been as universally insightful. Thank you to the organizers and fellow attendees!
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The Howling Fantods