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London DFW Colloquium Today

Supposedly Fun Things - A Colloquium on the Writing of David Foster Wallace runs all day today (Saturday 7th of Feb) at Keynes Library, Birkbeck, University of London

Anyone going? Looks like there'll be some excellent papers presented by some well known and new names to Wallace studies.

I'll be following the twitter hashtag #funthingsbbk

(Schedule below via one of the organisers, Tony Venezia)


Supposedly Fun Things
A Colloquium on the Writing of David Foster Wallace

Saturday 7th February, 10am-6pm
Keynes Library, Birkbeck, University of London
Respondent: Professor Geoff Ward (Homerton College, Cambridge)
Twitter: #funthingsbbk

10-10.20am: Registration
10.20-10.30: Welcome

10.30-11.30: Panel 1 – Reception
Tony Venezia
DFW Online
Matthew Sangster
‘To make someone an icon is to make them an abstraction’: The Multiple Afterlives of David Foster Wallace
Emma Southon

11.30-12pm: Coffee break

12-1: Panel 2 – Ethics and Aesthetics
Ethical Labyrinths: Towards a Levinasian Reading of Wallace
Erin Reilly
Preferential Consideration: David Foster Wallace, Melville and Behaviourism
Martin Paul Eve
The Male Gaze and Infinite Jest’s Theatres of Cruelty
Edward Jackson

1-2: Lunch

2-3: Panel 3 – Language
‘I kept saying her name’: Naming, Labels and Power in David Foster Wallace.
Clare Hayes-Brady
‘They all sound like David Foster Wallace’: Syntax and Narrative in Infinite Jest, Oblivion and The Pale King
Simon de Bourcier
‘Chilled. Fizzed. Sometimes things went worse with Coca-Cola’: The Representation of an American Icon in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road
Xavier Marcó del Pont

3-3.30: Coffee break

3.30-4.30: Panel 4 – Politics
Sadomasochistic Whiteness in Signifying Rappers
Joel Roberts
The Wallacean Woman: Or, Further Stories about Struggling with Girls in an Ironic Age
Dan Mattingly
David Foster Wallace and the ‘Third Way’
Iain Williams

4.30-4.45: Break

4.45-5.30: Response from Professor Geoff Ward and Q&A

(If you have an account you can grab the full programme with abstracts and bios here:




The Howling Fantods