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Amazing Fiction and Form Excerpt

Oh, wow.

If you want a taste for how impressive David Hering's book, David Foster Wallace: Fiction +Form, is going to be then check out the excerpt of the chapter about The Pale King, Too Much Too Little, in the LA Review of Books.

I can't even decide what to quote to try and get you to read it because it's all so awesome. Hmm. How about this? (Emphasis mine)

This note clearly represents a crisis point in the life of The Pale King, exacerbated by the fact that a number of sections earmarked for the novel had been published in the short story collection Oblivion the previous year, leaving Wallace with less workable material from which to draw. In the period immediately following, Wallace devised a new narrative strategy to bring the disparate drafts together: he wrote himself into the novel.

Fiction + Form is available now at Amazon or 30% off in the Bloomsbury back to Uni sale now.

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The Howling Fantods