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Belated Infinite Jest Review & Hamlet

A belated review of Infinite Jest by Anthony Altbeker from The Times, The Perfect Ace (4/7/11):
Why write a review when you suspect that very few readers will be persuaded to buy the book and to read its 1000 small-printed, narrow-margined pages and its 200 pages of absurdly tiny footnotes, some of which run on for 10 pages?
Why write it when the book is nearly impossible to find in South Africa anyway?
I have no answer to these questions except to say that I decided not so long ago that if I were to read David Foster Wallace's recently released posthumous novel, The Pale King, I would first have to read his supposed masterpiece from the mid-1990s, Infinite Jest.


And keeping with the Infinite Jest theme, has another Wallace related post, DFW vis-a-vis Hamlet.

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