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IJRR - The Wallace-l Infinite Jest Re-Read

If you've been needing an excuse to re-read Infinite Jest, or you've been looking for an excuse to buy it and read it... (notice the $4.99 tag on the Kindle version? Not for Aussie readers, though. :/ )

The Wallace-l mailing list (run by friend and fellow Wallace enthusiast, @mattbucher) is running another read of Infinite Jest. Co-ordinated by Richard Stock, it started last week but it's not hard to catch up, and there's no harm subscribing to check it out - though I'd recommend a threaded email reader like gmail, to help you sort through the posts that usually come in a storm at the beginning of each section.

Keep in mind there aren't really spoiler tags - there's an expectation that most people have read the book before.

Discussion about each section is kicked off by a different host each week, here's the schedule for the next few weeks:


IJRR 1: 12 September, pp. 3-49, 46 pages.

IJRR 2: 19 September, pp. 49-87, 38 pages.

IJRR 3: 26 September, pp. 87-151, 64 pages.

IJRR 4: 3 October, pp. 151-219, 68 pages.

IJRR 5: 10 October, pp. 219-283, 64 pages.

IJRR 6: 17 October, pp. 283-3792, 96 pages.


My most rewarding Infinite Jest reading experiences have been via numerous with Wallace-l, come and join us!


The Howling Fantods