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Poor Yorick Entertainment Blog

Make sure you check out Chris Ayers' awesome blog, Poor Yorick Entertainment, it's great!
Chris writes:
"Poor Yorick Entertainment" is the name of the fictional independent film company started by James O. Incandenza in David Foster Wallace's novel,"Infinite Jest."

Incandenza's filmic body of work is detailed in the endnotes of "Infinite Jest". While many of the films are inconsequential to the plot of the book, the story does revolve around the rumored existence of Incandenza's last film, titled "Infinite Jest", a film so entertaining that the viewer loses any desire to do anything other than watch it.

The film, or samizdat, as it is referred to, is sought after by a Quebecois separatist group known as Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents (Wheelchair Assassins), for use as a weapon of terrorism against the newly formed Organization of North American Nations (O.N.A.N.).

Only a few of the films in Incandenza's body of work have any real substantive relation to the central plot. Some are described in detail while others are only mentioned in passing.

This project is an attempt to bring some kind of visual life to the fictional filmmaker's body of work, as well as the world of Infinite Jest.
[Cheers, to everyone who emailed about this one.]

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