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Sounds Familiar... The Kickback

I like this type of thing. Check out the filmography endnote in Infinite Jest and compare it to the album from The Kickback, Sorry All Over the Place...

From the Huffington Post, The Kickback Gears Up for Their Full-Length Debut, Sorry All Over the Place:

You are a fan of the late, great David Foster Wallace, whose Infinite Jest provided the title for your album. He spoke of contrasts and layers in his book, which influenced contrasts and layers in your music. Could you tell me more about this literary connection to your music?

I went home to work a summer camp job in South Dakota after I had moved to Chicago and brought Infinite Jest with me. My parents wound up getting divorced and I was sort of stuck at home while it all went down. The book weighs, like, three paperweights and a German shepard, so I'm pretty sure that trying to avoid the divorce stuff was about the only thing that helped me get through it.

I'm sure a lot of other people have experienced [that situation], and I sort of became transfixed with Wallace's work. There's this hour-and-a-half interview he did on Youtube where he spends most of his responses either visibly frustrated at his own ability to express himself or mildly annoyed at the questions. He grits his teeth a lot and winces. It's sort of entrancing. He hurt a lot of the time and seemed like kind of a shitty person sometimes and was absolutely brilliant and fought the urge to be recognized for his work. I find a lot of our songs indirectly channel him and try to remember how sick he would be if some band he'd never heard of name-dropped him in their bio.

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The Kickback's debut album Sorry All Over the Place is a tapestry of references.

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(Cheers, Billy!)

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