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First review of The Pale King

General spolier warning: As reviews appear I will make every attempt to avoid spoilers appearing on the front page of the Fantods. If you don't want to know anything, don't follow the links... 

Jonathan Segura has a review of The Pale King up over at Publishers Weekly (reasonably heavy spoilers).

In response to the review, Nina Shen Rastogi from Brow Beat over at writes (including minor spoilers):

The verdict? The Pale King isn't "the era-defining monumental work we've all been waiting for since Infinite Jest altered the landscape of American fiction." But parts of it are "nothing short of sublime," others are "pants-pissingly hilarious," and the chapters that center on [spoilers] are "tiny masterpieces of that whole self-aware po-mo thing of his that's so heavily imitated." Even in its incomplete state, reviewer Jonathan Segura notes, "the book is unmistakably a David Foster Wallace affair."


The Howling Fantods