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Pale King Event Organisation

Update: Canberra Meetup! There are a few of us planning to meet at 6pm on Sat 16th of April in the City. More details when we have a location. Dear lurkers, feel free to show up!
To formalise things a litte:
If you are keen to organise something in your area post a message in the comments saying so, I'll then forward any private emails to you (so we can keep email addresses out of the comments)
If you'd like to meet up with an organiser send me a message here and I'll forward your email to the organiser.
Would anyone like to attend a small get together to celebrate the release of The Pale King in Canberra, Australia on the 15th or 16th of April? Let me know by commenting on this thread or contacting me directly. If I get enough interest I'll publicise it here.
Trying to organise an event? I'm happy to help! 
First up, Robert is wondering if there is an event planned anywhere in Vancouver, BC. If so, let us know!
If you'd like to meet some other Vancouver fans, post a comment below or contact us.
Little Rock, AR?

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 April 2011 20:19  


#1 Ziggaroth 2011-03-27 19:10
Brisbane anyone?
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#2 janne 2011-03-27 21:42
Tacoma/greater Seattle area?
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#3 mpk333 2011-03-28 07:35
I'm in Seattle, and would love to get together. Don't have a car, though, so I'm hoping it would be in Seattle proper.
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