The Howling Fantods

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The Broom of the System

The Broom of the System


The mysterious disappearance of her great-grandmother and twenty-five other elderly inmates from a Shaker Heights nursing home has left Lenore Stonecipher Beadsman emotionally stranded on the edge of the Great Ohio Desert. But that is simply one problem of many for the hapless switchboard operator-seriously compounded by her ongoing affair with boss Rick Vigorous; the impending TV stardom of her talking cockatiel, Vlad the Impaler; and similar small catastrophes that threaten to elavate Lenore's search for love and self-determination to new heights of spasmodic weirdness. Fiercely original, bracingly funny, and deeply mysterious, THE BROOM OF THE SYSTEM is the brilliant precursor to David Foster Wallace's celebrated second novel, INFINITE JEST.

1993 Avon Paperback


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The Howling Fantods