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Update: New Material in The Pale King Paperback

I posted back on the 4th of Jan about the updated cover of The Pale King that appeared on Amazon with the added, "With Four Previously Unpublished Scenes" text on it.
I can now confirm, after contacting David Foster Wallace's literary agent and Little Brown, that the upcoming paperback will indeed have 10-ish pages of new material.
Last Updated on Monday, 16 January 2012 07:08  


#1 JoshW 2012-01-16 14:06
I didn't have any great complaint about the dubious publications of This is Water or McCain's Promise, and I'm absolutely grateful for having The Pale King, but I noticed this new material thing too and find it a little despicable. It's not like this is stuff miraculously discovered between last spring and now, and it's no "director's cut" version a la Stephen King. Its inclusion really only matters to the dedicated DFW reader, so they're milking the people who already sprang for the hardcover. I can imagine Wallace leaving what he could of TPK for publication; I can't imagine him being okay with this. Next up: Infinite Jest - Extended Play.
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