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ISU DFW Conference Wrap

Rachel Hatch writes about the ISU DFW conference for Stateside, Footnotes from Illinois State’s first David Foster Wallace Conference:

Packed among their conference programs and presenter notes, attendees of the first-ever David Foster Wallace Conference in Normal carried along copies of the behemoth books Infinite Jest and The Pale King as if they weighed nothing at all.

More than 125 people gathered from all over the world on May 22 and 23 to explore, dissect, and digest the works of the author, who has been called one the most influential writers of his generation.


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#1 Martin Brown 2014-05-31 05:46
I was wondering if other contemporary authors are getting this kind of attention? People like DeLillo or Franzen? It seems to me that this is a clear indication that Wallace will likely stand the test of time. Recently read This Side of Paradise by Fitzgerald and it was interesting how many authors he referenced have disappeared...
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The Howling Fantods