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One Year Later

David Wallace died one year ago today. 
I'm going to spend some time reading select pieces of his work and thinking about his wonderful contributions to fiction and journalism. Over at Infinite Summer last week I wrote that Wallace's writing, particularly Infinite Jest, changed my life.

David Wallace was a generous and caring man with a magnificent talent for observing the world and writing about it. I didn't know him. I still miss him.
To this site's readers - Thanks for the continued support, The Pale King is on the horizon.
To everyone at wallace-l - Thank you. 
To David Wallace's family and friends - My thoughts and best wishes to you all.

And that's where I am going to leave things today. I've been hunting for an appropriate quote for three days now and I'm still undecided. Maybe I'll post one later today. Three months ago I had big plans for this post, but I've realised that Wallace deserves much more than being remembered for his death. Mourning can be a long process, I hope you're all travelling well.

At the fringes of reportage about Wallace's death (and nearer the centre of some amazing pieces) was the role depression played in his life. Beyond Blue is an Australian organisation for raising awareness about depression. I am not associated with them, but I have used their resources in my work as a teacher. I encourage you to visit their site.
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