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Orbit Special Issue and Adam Kelly's Response

Apologies for all the Wallace related things I missed posting earlier in the year... one of them was the release of the special David Foster Wallace Issue of Orbit from Well worth your time.

Yesterday Orbit published Adam Kelly's response to the paper from the special issue by Edward Jackson and Joel Nicholson-Roberts.

Super interesting.

Read them both here:

White Guys: Questioning Infinite Jest's New SincerityEdward Jackson and Joel Nicholson-Roberts.

David Foster Wallace and New Sincerity Aesthetics: A Reply to Edward Jackson and Joel Nicholson-Roberts, Adam Kelly.


OzWallace 2017 Draft Schedule Released

The OzWallace 2017 draft schedule has been released and I couldn't be more excited. Check out the incredible breadth of papers and panels on offer. See you in Melbourne on the 1st of September.

(I'm also somewhat worried and excited for Friday night's, "The All Singing, All Dancing Howling Fantods Spectacular and Puppet Show, with a Cast of Thousands, including Nick Maniatis, Shelley Grieves-Zerkel and Tony McMahon." - hope to meet some of you there!)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 August 2017 13:41

The Great Concavity - Eps 29 & 30

Two very entertaining episodes have appeared recently, one from The DFW17 conference (great to see some of you online when it was recorded live) and another with fellow Australian, Grace Chipperfield.

Episode 29Live from the ISU David Foster Wallace Conference, featuring Charlie Harris and Jim Plath

Episode 30 - Discussing David Foster Wallace with Grace Chipperfield

(Follow the show on twitter @ConcavityShow and subscribe to the podcast here)

Last Updated on Monday, 31 July 2017 13:19

OzWallace 2017 Excitement

I can't believe how close we are to the OzWallace 2017! The first Australian David Foster Wallace conference, September 1-3 2017.

Have you registered yet? I'll be there.

I get to visit my favourite (big) city in Australia, Melbourne. I can't wait.


Why should you join us there?



OzWallace 2017 Web Page and CFP Extension to June 30

Only a few days left to get your proposals in. Don't forget!

Call For Papers Deadline Extended to June 30 2017!

A slight extension to the OzWallace 2017 CFP has been announced, so if you're keen to present your David Foster Wallace paper at OzWallace you've got a tiny extension to get your paper proposal in.

Details can be found in the previous OzWallace 2017 call for papers post or over at the OzWallace 2017 Facebook page.


OzWallace 2017 Web Page

In addition you can now visit the official OzWallace web page over at where you can register and pay for the conference.

I'm attending and hope to see and meet many of you there.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 June 2017 23:15

The Great Concavity Podcast - Live!

The Great Concavity podcast live from #DFW17 is live right now on Facebook.

I'll post and tweet when it's live.

Last Updated on Saturday, 10 June 2017 08:32

One of the Best Things About DFW Society

One of the best things to come from the International David Foster Wallace Society is the Diversity Team.


Check out the posts so far:

Look out for members at #DFW1!

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