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The Great Concavity - DFW Podcast Eps 14 & 15

Episode 14's guests on The Great Concavity are Josh Roiland (@JoshRoiland) and his class (yes, class!) from the University of Maine. Fantastic episode - check out the website created by the class, Navigating the Great Concavity. Looks like I need to update all of my Infinite Jest links. Again.

Another top episode!

Episode 15's guest is Krzys Piekarski, a Wallace scholar who has written about DFW and Buddhism. I haven't listened to this one yet, I'm saving it for my long car trip next week.


(Follow the show on twitter @ConcavityShow and subscribe to the podcast here)


The podcast is hosted by Dave Laird (@DaveLaird2) and Matt Bucher (@mattbucher,wallace-l,, Simple RangerSide Show Media Group) two Wallace enthusiasts with a wealth of Wallace knowledge to share.

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